Clyro C.I.W. Primary School

Many hands build a house, many hearts build a school

Class 3 Activities / Dosbarth 3

Spring 2020 - School Closures resources


Summer Term Missions (HT5): ‘Where in the world are we?’

Several assignments have been uploaded to be completed within the next few weeks too.


ALL pupils are part of the Class 4 Teams page. All work will be posted/added to the site in either the Files section or as an assignment. Pupils have learnt how to use the site in school.


A polite reminder that Teams should be used appropriately as a place of uploading work and contacting the class teacher with (through ‘Posts’). Any inappropriate or non-learning related posts will be deleted, and pupils may be muted from posting. Teams is an extremely useful platform that pupils can upload and receive feedback/marking on work from whilst at home, not a messaging service between pupils.