Clyro C.I.W. Primary School

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Pupil Deprivation Grant

The Welsh Government provides funding to schools based on the number of pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM). This grant is called the Pupil Deprivation Grant. As a school we have much lower than average numbers of children who receive Free School Meals and therefore we have a small amount of PDG funding in the school budget. The needs of these children differ within the school. For this academic year of 2019/20 we will receive £2,300.


This year we shall use this money towards supporting those children on the Additional Learning Needs, Basic Skills and MAT (More Able & Talented) registers through the purchase of licences and agreements for the use of the spelling programme “Nessy”, online Reading resource “Giglets” and VIPER’s for comprehension skills and updating our phonic Reading scheme.


If you feel that your child may be eligible for this grant, please speak to either Mrs. Groves or someone in the office. If you feel you may qualify for Free School Meals please speak to us as even iof you do not claim the meal, your child and the school could benefit from extra money in the school budget. All enquiries will be treated in the strictest of confidence. Even if you do not wish for your child to take up a Free School Meal, just by registering, the school can benefit. Thank you.