Clyro C.I.W. Primary School

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Please click on the links below to see our policies. Signed copies of our policies are available within school. 

Complaints Procedure – If a parent has a complaint, the first stage of the procedure will be an informal discussion with the class teacher. The teacher must be given time to resolve the situation and report back to those concerned. Should a resolution not be obtained, the matter should then be referred to the Headteacher. If this does not resolve the issue, a formal complaint may be referred to the Governing Body. Complaints to the School Governors should be addressed to the Chair of the Governing Body. If the investigations fail to provide a satisfactory response, the complaints may be referred to the LA. A complainant who is still dissatisfied after following the above procedure is entitled to take the complaint to the Secretary of State for Wales. (This can also be found in our prospectus on the website)