Mrs. S. Groves

Headteacher, PPA & Class 2 teacher, Safeguarding, Child Protection & Looked After Children Officer, Humanities and RE & PSE Leader.

Miss S. Griffiths

Deputy Headteacher, Class 2 teacher (Yr.1/2), Health & Safety Officer and Language, Literacy and Communications leader.

Miss. E. Morgan

Class 1 (Reception) teacher, Welsh and Eco leader

Mrs. E. Kenchington

Part-time Class 3 (Yr. 3/4) teacher, Science and Technology, including ICT leader

Mrs. C. Phillips

Part-time Class 3 (Yr. 3/4) teacher, Maths and Numeracy leader

Miss. R. Long

Class 4 (Yr. 5/6) teacher, Health & Well-Being & Expressive Arts leader and ALN Co-ordinator

Miss J. Burnett-Thomas

Class 2 Learning Support Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor & Breakfast and After School Care Supervisor

Miss J. Lloyd

Class 1 Learning Support Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. J. Lewis

School Administrator

Mrs. E. George

Breakfast and After School Care Supervisor

Mrs. V. Williams

School Administrator & Clerk to Governing Body

Miss. D. Lewis


Mrs. W. Green

Powys Catering Cook

Mrs. S. Bouette

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. K. Clifton  

Powys Catering Kitchen Assistant


Mrs. A. Carlisle

Intervention Learning Support Assistant