Mrs. S. Groves Headteacher, PPA & Class 2 teacher, Safeguarding, Child Protection & Looked After Children Officer, Humanities and RE Leader.
Miss S. Griffiths Deputy Headteacher, Class 2 teacher (Yr.1/2), Health & Safety Officer and Language, Literacy and Communications leader.
Mr. G. Bufton Class 4 (Yr. 5/6) teacher, Health & Well-Being leader and ALN            Co-ordinator
Miss. E. Morgan Class 1 Reception teacher, Expressive Arts and Welsh leader (Supply –  covering Mrs. L. Richardson)
Mrs. E. Kenchington Part-time Class 3 (Yr.3/4) teacher, Science and Technology, including ICT leader
Mrs. C. Phillips Part-time Class 3 (Yr.3/4) teacher, Maths and Numeracy leader
Miss J. Burnett-Thomas Class 2 Learning Support Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor & Breakfast and After School Club Supervisor
Mrs. J. Lewis Learning Support Assistant & School Administrator
Miss J. Lloyd Class 1 Learning Support Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor & After School Club Supervisor
Mrs. E.      George  Breakfast and After School Club Supervisor
Mrs. W. Green Powys Catering Cook
Mrs. K. Clifton Powys Catering Kitchen Assistant
Miss. D. Lewis Cleaner