Signed copies of our policies are available within school. Please click on the links below to see our policies on:

Additional Learning Needs: ALN Policy 2019

Admissions Policy – We follow the Powys Admissions Policy as they handle all of our school admissions. Their policy can be found within their Admissions Booklet – Admissions_Booklet_2018-2019__English_

Attendance – We follow the Powys Attendance Policy. Please see the school’s amendments, as we are currently awaiting a newly updated Attendance policy from Powys, in light of recent legislation.

Attendance Policy 2018

Amendment to Clyro Church in Wales Primary School Attendance Policy Autumn 2018-19

Behaviour and Discipline Policy: (This includes Anti-Bullying) Behaviour Policy 2020

Charging Policy: Charging Policy 2019

Complaints Procedure – If a parent has a complaint, the first stage of the procedure will be an informal discussion with the class teacher. The teacher must be given time to resolve the situation and report back to those concerned. Should a resolution not be obtained, the matter should then be referred to the Headteacher. If this does not resolve the issue, a formal complaint may be referred to the Governing Body. Complaints to the School Governors should be addressed to the Chair of the Governing Body. If the investigations fail to provide a satisfactory response, the complaints may be referred to the LEA. A complainant who is still dissatisfied after following the above procedure is entitled to take the complaint to the Secretary of State for Wales. (This can also be found in our prospectus on the website)  Complaints Procedure and Policy 2019

Data Protection Policy: GDPR Data Protection Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy: Equal Opportunities policy 2019

GDPR Privacy Notice – updated September 2020 – September 2020 v0.3 GDPR Privacy Notice Eng (general)

Food and Fitness Policy: Food_and_Fitness_Policy_2019

Freedom of Information Policy: Freedom of Information 2019

Health & Safety Policy: Health and Safety Policy 2019

Lettings Policy: lettings form Clyro CIW Hall

Maths and Written Calculation PolicyMathematics Policy 2019

Written Calculation Policy 2019

MedicinesMedication policy 2019

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy: Schools Service Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2019

Teaching and Learning Policy: Teaching and Learning policy 2018

Whistleblowing Policy: Whistleblowing Policy 2019