School Council

The School Council meets weekly. There are two representatives from each year. The representatives on the School Council are voted into position each year (starting at Yr. 1.) The School Council allows the pupils to have a voice and they discuss things like how to improve the school, pupil’s concerns and worries, competitions, fundraising events and much more!

At Clyro Church in Wales Primary School, our School Council plays an active role in school life. From organising events and fundraisers to planning for improvements in the day to day life of the children to undertaking monitoring. This year we are focussing on developing our playground equipment, our outside areas in our new school building and undertaking our own monitoring through Learning Walks, etc.

These are our representatives:

Lydia (Year 6) – Chair

Esme (Year 6) – Secretary

Grace (Year 6)

Josie (Year 6)

Chloe (Year 6) – Vice Chair

Callum (Year 6)

Ben (Year 5)

Imogen (Year 5)

Dylan (Year 4) – Secretary

Eden (Year 4)

Bobby (Year 3)

Poppy (Year 3)

Mo (Year 2)

Fleur (Year 2)

Jack (Year 1)

Lizzie (Year 1)


“Many hands build a house, many hearts build a school”