Breakfast Club



At Clyro Church in Wales Breakfast Club we aim to make the start of your child’s day fun, healthy and safe. £2 a session.

Your children will be provided with:

  • * a healthy, nutritious breakfast in line with governmental guidelines and our Healthy School status
  • * the opportunity to play and socialize with friends and the supervising staff
  • * a safe, secure and familiar environment.

The benefits of children attending a Breakfast Club include:

  • * improved concentration in class, having had breakfast and an opportunity to chat to friends
  • * an opportunity to make friends in other classes
  • * parents are free to start work earlier in the knowledge that your children are supervised and safe.

We run Breakfast Club each morning from 8-9.a.m. in the school hall for a £2 a session, which is extremely popular. Last breakfast is at 8.30am and last admission is at 8.40a.m. Your child will be provided with a healthy, nutritious breakfast, in line with our Healthy School status, followed by activities. If you are interested in your child attending, please see either Miss Burnett-Thomas or Mrs. George, our Breakfast Club Supervisors or contact the school office.

Breakfast Club policy