Christmas / Nadolig


Topmarks Christmas Activities

Christmas Tree Lights

Wordsearch (Not Tablet Friendly)

Present Stacker (Not Tablet Friendly)

Reindeer Orchestra (Not Tablet Friendly)

Fling The Elf

Santa Addition

Ring The Bells

History / Hanes

Clyro Castle

History – The Romans

Roman Soldiers

History – The Tudors

Tudor Homes

The Tudors Homework Help

Class Clips – The Tudors

Ten Facts About The Tudors

DK Tudor Facts


The Victorians

Victorian Powys

BBC – The Victorians

Primary Homework Help – The Victorians

Primary Facts – The Victorians

Victorians Homework Help

Victorian School

Victorian Wedding Dresses and Traditions

Geography / Daearyddiaeth

Geography / Daearyddiaeth

Renewable Energy


Only One World


River Wye


Spring 2020 - School Closures resources


Summer Term Missions (HT5): ‘Where in the world are we?’

‘Here we are’ hook tasks

Missions (to be completed after He We Are missions)

Several assignments have been uploaded to be completed within the next few weeks too.

ALL pupils are part of the Class 4 Teams page. All work will be posted/added to the site in either the Files section or as an assignment. Pupils have learnt how to use the site in school.

A polite reminder that Teams should be used appropriately as a place of uploading work and contacting the class teacher with (through ‘Posts’). Any inappropriate or non-learning related posts will be deleted, and pupils may be muted from posting. Teams is an extremely useful platform that pupils can upload and receive feedback/marking on work from whilst at home, not a messaging service between pupils.